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The Stewart covered bridge
The Stewart covered bridge crossed the riviŤre at Garoutte Road

Photo of The Steward Covered Bridge

This is a photo of Garoutte Rd and the Stewart Covered Bridge. The house of the Opal's blind friend (the girl who has no seeing) was near this bridge.

Her real name was Laura Downes and she lived near Opal's school on Mosby Creek road across from the Stewart Covered Bridge. Laura Downes died in a fire in the spring of 1905 as Opal's diary describes. She was 25 years old.

The Willamette Valley in Oregon had many French settlers and priests in the 1800's. According to Michael Thole's book, Bohemia: the Life and Times of an Oregon Timber Venture , the Garoutte family had long ties to French aristocracy.

Also, the Stewart Covered Bridge is named for a local family that traces its roots back to Mary, Queen of Scots and the royal Stewart's of Scotland. Together, these two families became local legends in Oregon's timber years.

Paragraph 6: Where the road goes past her school     

Paragraph 231: Crossing the bridge and listening to its squeaky boards     

photo courtesy of Steve Williamson  



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