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Drug store that sold Castoria
Opal writes about items that may have come from this drug store

Photo of a Drug Store

This may be the drug store that sold the Castoria and Mentholadum Opal writes about. The building was built in 1884 by JP Currin. The sign on the front says they also sell paper, pens and crayons. This may be the store where Opal's pencils were purchased.

Scene 5: Opal and her sister, Pearl, get sick after drinking Castoria (castor oil)     

Paragraph 94: Opal uses mentholadum to heal the nose of her pet, Thomas Chatterton Jupiter Zeus     

Paragraph 564: Opal uses mentholadum after being whipped by her mother     

Scene 13: Opal finds Color Pencils in the woods left as a gift to her     

photo courtesy of Cottage Grove Historical Society  



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