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a longing

a longing: to have a strong desire for something.

"I had a longing for more paper to write upon."

At one point Opal says that the road wanted to go across the river. This is an example of personification - giving human qualities to an object or an animal.

Paragraph 230: Example 

multiplication table of blessings

many blessings

"When twins are born it is a multiplication table of blessings for their parents."

Paragraph 35: Example 


whip made from a small stick

"When I get into trouble momma uses a switch on my back."

Paragraph 564: Example 


followed; coming with

"My pet pig came a-following behind me as I walked to school."

Paragraph 363: Example 


fluting; playing a song

"Today I went a-piping in the woods."

Paragraph 450: Example 


down; along

"Some days I like to walk adown the river."

Paragraph 150: Example 



"I gave advices to the new mother hen about how to raise her children."

Paragraph 369: Example 

understanding soul

nice, understanding, sympathetic

"The man that lives next door has an understanding soul."

Paragraph 279: Example 

apply a kindling

spank with a stick

"After momma did apply a kindling to my back, it hurt for a long time."

Paragraph 95: Example 

at ten chuns


"I realized I was not paying enough at ten chuns to him because I didn't remember what he had just said."

Paragraph 52: Example 

aunt tis a pay shuns


"I was so excited to show her what I had done, I had aunt tis a pay shuns about her coming home."

Paragraph 115: Example 

begins of buds

new flower buds

"In the springtime I see the begins of buds of new leaves on the trees."

Paragraph 238Paragraph 238: Example 

big silver yellow ball

the moon

"When I looked up at the night sky I saw a big silver yellow ball."

Paragraph 486Paragraph 486: Example 

bloom time

springtime; time of blooming

"During bloom time the flowers are beautiful."

Paragraph 213: Example 

bobby moves

jerked up and down

"My head makes bobby moves as I run."

Paragraph 307: Example 

borning day


"Today is the borning day of one of my friends and we celebrated it with a party."

Paragraph 294: Example 



"I lost my breathings when I ran hard up the hill"

Paragraph 104Paragraph 104: Example 

bring disturbs

disturb; upset

"I saw that she was sleeping that I did not want to bring disturbs to her."

Paragraph 201Paragraph 201: Example 

bumps on the grandpa's temper

make angry

"When we play in the fields when we're not supposed to, it makes bumps on the grandpa's temper."

Paragraph 31: Example 

cal lamb of tea

calamity; problem; difficulty

"If I had broken my mother's favorite vase it would have been a cal lamb of tea."

Paragraph 284: Example 


camphor; a gummy medicine made from tree bark

"I used the camphoratum to make the rooster feel better."

Paragraph 262: Example 

caster oilatum

castor oil; an oil from castor beans used as a medicine

"To cure a stomach ache it is good to use caster oilatum."

Paragraph 262: Example 



"Everybody seems to be happy 'cepting that girl over there."

Paragraph 164: Example 


clouds that look like ships

"In the sky today I saw cloud-ships high overhead."

Paragraph 144: Example 

come going

flow into

"The creeks around here come going the river."

Paragraph 6: Example 


coming down; falling

"Soon the rain stopped having come-downs."

Paragraph 436: Example 


the future

In coming-time I will walk in the forest all day, everyday."

Paragraph 240: Example 

con chus

conscious; awake

"The man asked whether the girl was con chus after she hit her head."

Paragraph 428: Example 

criard noise

sound of someone crying

"When I was in the woods I heard a criard noise."

Paragraph 320: Example 

crochet doily

a decorative napkin often crocheted

"The crochet doily on the table stand is very pretty and I like to look at it."

Paragraph 102: Example 

Day before the day that was yesterday

two days ago

"The day before the day that was yesterday was when I saw the cat."

Paragraph 20: Example 

did have better feels

felt better

"After a while I did have better feels."

Paragraph 26: Example 

cross feels


"When I came home the mamma did have cross feels because I had made a mess."

Paragraph 227: Example 


spade the ground; digging

"I picked up the rocks that came to the surface of the soil after my father did make spade-ups."

Paragraph 298: Example 



"I did have disappoints when I didn't find the baby"

Paragraph 209: Example 


day dreams

"Today during school I was having dream-thoughts and I got into trouble."

Paragraph 155: Example 


songs that the earth sings

"Plants hear the earth-songs coming up from the ground."

Paragraph 77: Example 


sounds from the earth

"When the earth is happy you can hear earth-tinkles."

Paragraph 382: Example 


voices coming from the earth

"I can always hear theearth-voices when I go on my walks in the woods."

Paragraph 382: Example 

egg sam pull


"The teacher wanted to use me as an egg sam pull for the other students."

Paragraph 59: Example 



"After Opal and the pig were sent home she spent the day playing in the nearby woods. It was near eventime when she started home."

Paragraph 303: Example 


changed; evolved

"The empty bottle evoluted into a flower vase."

Paragraph 22: Example 


an explanation

"Somebody wanted to know why I did that and so I gave them explanations ."

Paragraph 400: Example 

face about

turn around

"Once we get to the top of the hill we willface about and go back down."

Paragraph 156: Example 


first day of fall season

"Today is fall-time-is-here day."

Paragraph 98: Example 


strong feeling of happiness

"Happy songs always put a fire-tongue in my heart."

Paragraph 263: Example 


a science or biology class at school

"Today I gave a lecture to my friends in fiziology class."

Paragraph 46: Example 


watering can

"When I water the flowers in our garden I use the flower-sprinkler ."

Paragraph 517: Example 

four corner ways

the directions Northeast, Southeast, Northwest and Southwest

"I lookes four corner ways."

Paragraph 15: Example 

four straight ways

the directions North, East South and West

"I looked four straight ways."

Paragraph 15: Example 

satisfaction feels


"When he baby was full of satisfaction feels we put it to bed."

Paragraph 484: Example 

geology lectures

lectures on Opal's world

"Today I gave geology lectures to my friends in the forest."

Paragraph 75: Example 

glad feels

glad; happy

"The sunshine on my face felt so good it gave me glad feels all over."

Paragraph 448: Example 

go on explores


"Today is a perfect day to go on explores because the whether is very nice."

Paragraph 491: Example 

going-away day

death day (day that they died)

"Today is the going-away day of a famous person."

Paragraph 571: Example 

row of his growing

a calendar made of stones used to keep track of the age of some

"Every week I put another gray stone in the row of his growing." to show how old he was

Paragraph 36: Example 



"In the gray-light-time people come home from work."

Paragraph 477: Example 

had an ache in it

made their stomachs hurt

"The stuff that we drank had an ach in it and it made us feel sick."

Paragraph 24: Example 


came off

"The bottle had so many come-offs. that we switched to another"

Paragraph 283: Example 


stay on; in place; attached

"The lid of this jar has good stay-ons and never come loose."

Paragraph 283: Example 


be disappointed

"Once I told her the news I knew she was going to have a dissappoint."

Paragraph 201: Example 


to appreciate; likes

"The old gray horse has appreciations for Opal's petting and the garland she made for him."

Paragraph 48: Example 


split; parts

"The road have divides into two different ways."

Paragraph 302: Example 



"I did have hears them talking about what they were going to do today."

Paragraph 427: Example 


knows; understands; believes

"I have not knowing who lives in that house."

Paragraph 103: Example 

have sleeps

to sleep

"Opal helps the baby to have sleeps when the momma is away."

Paragraph 579: Example 

have understanding

understands; knows

"Opal wanted Peter Paul Rubens to have understanding what she was doing."

Paragraph 385: Example 

temper was quite warm


"My temper was quite warm when I heard about the death of my pet."

Paragraph 19: Example 

hiver sleep

hibernation; sleep

"Bears go into hiver sleep during the winter."

"hiver" is the French word for "winter"

Paragraph 75: Example 

in form ashun


"I wonder where I go to get more in form ashun>/b> about that animal."

Paragraph 288: Example 

in tent chuns


"I did not have in tent chuns to wear my jacket until my mom reminded me."

Paragraph 249: Example 


interfered: came between

"When the teacher came at my pig I made interferes."

Paragraph 47: Example 

invest tag ashuns

investigations; study

"There are many invest tag ashuns that I would like to do to find out about the woods."

Paragraph 52: Example 



"She was so happy I could see the joy-light in her eyes."

Paragraph 375: Example 

little people

elves and fairies

"Opal believes that there are many little people that live in the woods."

Paragraph 45: yellow jacket as fairies

Scene 13: The moss box in the woods

Paragraph 255: man with gray neckties believes in fairies

Scene 114: handwriting of man who wears grey neckties 

little plants with leaves

ferns, evergreens

"The little plants with leaves are so pretty because they stay green all winter."

Paragraph 49: Example 

looked looks


"I looked looks for my lost toy."

Paragraph 567: Example 

lumber men

lumber jacks: men who work in the lumber mills

"I always see lots of lumber men on my way to school."

Paragraph 71: Example 

made pulls


"I made pulls very hard but I still could not open it."

Paragraph 52: Example 

made rappings


"When I came to the door of my friend's house, I made rappings on her door."

Paragraph 200: Example 

made starts

started; began

"I wanted to go home so I made starts towards the house.

Paragraph 414: Example 

making stoop-overs

bending over

"The men working on the rail road track were making stoop-overs."

Paragraph 234: Example 


menthol: a alcohol from mint oils with cooling properties

"Mentholatum helps makes you feel better when you are sick."

Paragraph 564: Example 



"This morningtime I have a lot of things to do."

Paragraph 272: Example 

most near

very close to

"When I came most near the house I saw that nobody was home."

Paragraph 221: Example 

new monia

pneumonia: a disease of the lungs

"The baby hen got new monia from being too cold."

Paragraph 20: Example 

new sance

nuisance: something annoying; unpleasant

"My little brother is a new sance because he always gets in my way."

Paragraph 177: Example 


rain drops

"Opal could hear the patters on the roof very loudly."

Paragraph 351: Example Picture: living in a tent 


pig language; grunts

"Some people don't understand pig-talk, but I do."

Paragraph 404: Example 

pit tea


"It is a pit teathat we will have to leave so soon."

Paragraph 428: Example 

plain sees

a clear view

"Since there was heavy fog all around I did not have plain sees of who was walking towards me."

Paragraph 241: Example 

poetry in her tracks

beauty in her steps

"When Elizabeth walks I can see the poetry in her tracks."

Paragraph 113: Example 


pompadour: a fashionable haircut where the hair is combed into a high mound in front

"The man that lives next door has a pumpadoor."

Paragraph 586: Example 

queer feels


"When I got sick I had queer feels in my stomach."

Paragraph 462: Example 



"I had the remembers that I had to do something."

Paragraph 540: Example 

saw rel

sorrel: brown in color

"The new horse we bought was a beautiful saw rel color, red like the sunset."

Paragraph 439: Example 

saying prayer words

cursing, saying God's name in vain

"The farm boy is always saying prayer words."

Paragraph 19: Example 


scrutinize: to look, watch closely

"Opal's teacher tells her that she willscrewtineyes her to make sure she does not do anything wrong."

Paragraph 45: Example 



"New trees are made from seed-children that fall to the ground."

Paragraph 224: Example 

sharp pen


"I needed to sharp pen the knife."

Paragraph 101: Example 

sharp pennying


"Before I used the knife it needed a sharp pennying."

Paragraph 101: Example 


shook my shoulders

"The man came up behind me and gave me shoulder-shakes."

Paragraph 85: Example 

silver tinkles


"The little bell that I have makes beautiful silver tinkles when it moves."

Paragraph 145: Example 



"The sky-clouds (clouds) in the sky reflect on the water and make it look like there are sky-clouds in the water."

Paragraph 491: Example 


twinkling in the sky

"When the sky is happy you can see sky-twinkles."

Paragraph 382: Example 


snow flakes

"The beautiful snow-flowers fell from the sky and melted on my nose

Paragraph 193: Example 

soft feels


"I like my bed to have soft feels on it."

Paragraph 318: Example 

some time long it was

a long time

"Some time long it was momma let me go outside again."

Paragraph 18: Example 

stake out earthworm claims

look for earthworm homes in the dirt

"Opal likes to stake out earthworm claims in her backyard."

Paragraph 21: Example 


songs that the stars sing

"During the night I can hear the star-songs."

Paragraph 78: Example 


starlight shining

"When the stars are bright you can see the stargleams on things."

Paragraph 78: Example 


night time

"I make sure that I always come home before starlight-time."

Paragraph 425: Example 

switched me

whipped me

"My mother switched me when I did something bad yesterday."

Paragraph 22: Example 

taking-egg day

the day to collect eggs

"Once a week it is taking-egg day."

Paragraph 543: Example 



"To calm the baby I teetered her in my arms while I sang."

Paragraph 247: Example 

the back part of me

my bottom

"The back part of me is a little sore from being hit."

Paragraph 398: Example 


leaves growing on plants

"I like to watch the leafing of the plants around my house."

Paragraph 350: Example 


wants; desire

"I have longs for a really good friend to spend time with."

Paragraph 348: Example 

thinks did come of a way

an idea did come to me

"After I thought for a long time, thinks did come of a way."

Paragraph 177: Example 



"When I got into trouble, I got tingles on me with a stick."

Paragraph 178: Example 

top-heavy appears

top looks heavier than his bottom half

"With out a tail a bird has top-heavy appears."

Paragraph 383: Example 


the beginning of trees

"Rocks were here even before the tree-borning."

Paragraph 122: Example 


vaseline: petroleum jelly, used as an ointment for wounds

"I put vaselineatum on the horse's cut to help it heal."

Paragraph 262: Example 

wait waits


"I did wait waits a long time for my friend at her house but she never came."

Paragraph 423: Example 


woke up

"The baby had wake-ups when I made a loud noise."

Paragraph 512: Example 

wind did go walking

wind blew through the field

"As the wind did go walking in the field talking to the earth-voices there I followed."

Paragraph 78: Example 

yet a-nodding

bobbing up and down

"As I walk the feather in my hat is yet a-nodding."

Paragraph 235: Example 

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