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A book containing statistical and general information

"I saw the almanac on the book shelf"


an awful fix

A troubling situation

"I can not find my books and so I am in an awful fix"


brandy bottle

A glass bottle that held liquor made from wine

"I used the brandy bottle as a vase for the flowers I picked."


bread and butter

A common school lunch in 1905 was bread and butter coated with sugar.

"I shared some of my bread and butter with my friend."



A small natural stream of fresh water usually found in hilly rural areas.

"I am friends with the singing brook that flows to the river."


butcher knife

A large knife used for cutting meat

"Today I had to sharpen the butcher knife for mom."



after a while

"By-and-by we came to a river."



the sound that crows make

"When exploring I often heard the caws of the crows."



A small stream of water that flows off the side of a mountain.

"The creek flows through the hay field next to my house."

photo: the Singing Creek singcrk10.jpg photo: the Singing Creek singcrk5.jpg  


A leading person figure in a church

"In church the deacon puts blessings on all of us."



fluttering: moving in a erratic floating manner

"I like to pretend that I am a bug flitting near the surface of the water."




"The old horse is fond of the sugar lumps I feed him."



The study of earth's history based mainly on the formation of rocks

"Today I gave a lecture on geology to my friends in the field."



A man appointed as a child's sponsor

"Today I went and visited my god-father."



A woman appointed as a sponsor for a child

"I also saw my godmother today."



big, great

"There is a grand oak tree in our back yard."



a deep vocal sound made by a pig

"There is specific kind of grunt that the pig makes when he wants food."



A homeless person

"I gave the hobo something to eat out of my lunch pail."



A fungus like plant that grows on trees

"I saw lots of different kinds of lichens on the trees today."




"I was meditating about the trees when I heard momma calling me into the house."



deep thoughts, day dreaming

"Opal's mother said, 'Stop your meditations.'"


Milky Way

A constellation

"There are a lot of stars in the Milky Way."



A factory where machines produce items such as wooden planks for houses.

"Sadie McKibben's family owns the mill down the road."

photo: the McKibben mill by the far woods mckibmil3.jpg photo: sky view of the mill by the far woods sky-s-quaglia.jpg 


to snuggle up or curl up to someone or something

"I nestled up to my favorite tree and took a nap."




"I ought to do the dishes before momma gets home."



play (a song)

"The wind pipes to me and tells me to go outside."



folds in fabric
When Opal is nervous she sometimes folds the fabric of her dress into pleats.

"Opal used her fingers to make pleats (folds) in the fabric of her apron."

Paragraph 201: Example 


Small round chips used in place of money in the card game poker (Opal drew portraits of her animal friends on the white ones)

"I took three poker-chips to draw pictures on."


print upon

to write on something

"I print upon any paper I can find."



queer=weird Inside the shed there are many queer (weird) looking things. first=24 last=575 best=26



A blanket usually made by hand for a bed out of scraps of many different pieces of cloth.

"The quilt on my bed is blue and pink."



An arc in the sky made up of the six colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.

"After the rain stopped I could see a rainbow in the sky."


reed for a flute

a thin elastic tongue on one end of a wind instrument over the air opening and set in vibration by an air current

"I took the reed for a flute and played a song for the wind."



clean, scrub

Opal was asked by her mother to scour (clean) the pots



gatherings, usually associated with church functions

"On holidays I hold services."


sewing basket

A small basket of things needed for sewing and mending clothes.

"Momma keeps her thimble in her sewing basket."



A high pitched sound that pigs make when they are very excited

"When I take the pig out for a walk he gets excited and squeals."



??? is this correct?



A lump of sugar much like a sugar cube

"I fed a sugar lump to the horse in the field."



A large hat with a wide brim that provides shade from the sun.

"I wear my sunbonnet every time I go out side to play."



3. tent definition a place to live made from a strong material stretched over a frame. sentence Tents in a lumber camp were made of canvas and had a wooden floor. picture picture of tent with floor links none? more info none?

photo: tent - Opal's family lived in a tent tents1.jpg 


A small shinny metal cap that fits over a person's finger while sewing to protect it from being pricked with the needle.

"Crows are attracted to small shinny objects such as thimbles and often take them back to their nests."


vesper service

A Catholic night time prayer service with hymns and reciting bible versus

"Last night I held vesper service in the barn for me and my friends."



A section of a hospital where patients requiring similar treatment are kept

"Thomas has a ward in the hospital all to himself."


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