The Diary of Opal Whiteley
First published in the Atlantic Monthly Magazine in 1920
This digital edition is part of the Intersect Digital Library, 2001

"Today the folks are gone away from the house we do live in. They are gone a little way away, to the ranch-house where the grandpa does live. I sit on our steps and I do print. I like it -- this house we do live in being at the edge of the near woods. So many little people do live in the near woods. I do have conversations with them. I found the near woods first day I did go explores . . . . . ."

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In March of 1920, the Atlantic Monthly published the first of a series of articles describing the day to day adventures and misadventures of a young girl growing up in the woods and farming community of western Oregon. This young girl was Opal Whiteley. Her diary described a world as a child of 6 and 7 sees it, alive with creatures, fairies, talking trees, and singing creeks.

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