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Project INTERSECT is an effort of the Center for Electronic Studying (CES). CES is part of the Center for Advanced Technology (CATE), the technology research arm at the College of Education of the University of Oregon. Both CES and CATE are directed by Dr. Lynne Anderson-Inman.

Dr. Anderson-Inman is also the Director for Project INTERSECT. She is an internationally recognized expert in the field of computer applications for studying and learning, and is a frequent speaker at national and international conferences in special education and technology. She has published widely on various aspects of electronic reading, writing and studying, including numerous articles translating the results of research into implications for teachers and parents.

Dr. Mark Horney is the Associate Director of Project INTERSECT and coordinates the day to day activities of the project. At CES Dr. Horney has been involved in a sequence of hypertext reading projects including the Electrotext Project, Project LITERACY-HI, and the Web de Anza Project. In additional to Project Coordination, Dr. Horney provides database and Lasso programming.

Judith Blair is the CATE Communications Manager, as well as Webmaster and Server Administrator for the Intersect website and several others. In addition to these roles, Ms. Blair provides creative and technical services, including art direction and production management, graphic design and editing, useability and interactive content development, HTML and JavaScript programming, and technology consulting,.

Joyce Nims is the CATE Office Manager and provides fiscal and administrative support to all the activities of the project.

Hope Marson is the CATE/CES Secretary and Travel Clerk.

Steve Williamson is an expert on the life and writings of Opal Whiteley and is instrumental to the development of the project's edition of Opal Whiteley's Diary.

Willa Holmes is an author and retired special education teacher from Portland, Oregon and the author of several books. Ms. Holmes has allowed the project to create a digital edition of her novel On the Run.

Carol Kennedy is graduate student at New York University and is creating an edition of Your Genes, Your Choices for the project, which she will later use in her dissertation research.

Eleanor Craig is a staff member at Alternative Arts of Kansas City, Kansas. Through Alternative Arts Ms. Craig works with the staff and students of the Kansas State School for the Blind with their project on the Oregon Trail. Ms. Craig is the primary contact between the project staff and KSSB in developing collaborative projects.


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