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Basic Setup

This site has been designed to fit the size of a small laptop screen as well as most desktop monitors.

Web Browsers. Intenet Explorer 3.x (or later), or Netscape Communicator 3.x (or later). We recommend versions above 4.x for best viewing,

Most browser versions allow you to set the default font size. This is an individual preference, depending on your needs. The default font size that comes preset with your browser is fine for most people. We recommend Times Roman 12 or 14 (Mac), or "Smaller" (PC).

Connection Speed. Most screens will load quickly on connections speeds from 28.8 all the way up to broadband connections. Occasionally, we make large images available that may take longer than a few seconds to load. We will try to warn you of their longer load times before opening them for you.

Advanced Setup

This site does not use any features such as frames or automatically opened windows. But for advanced use of the Digital Library, we recommend three open windows on your screen. See Advanced Reading Techniques for instruction on how to do this.



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