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Navigating the Intersect Website

This website consists of three main sections:

  • The Teacher Center contains materials of interest primarily to teachers.
  • The Development Guidelines is for developers of new digital books.
  • The Digital Library houses the supported texts and study environments that are central to the site.

To get from one section to another, use the links at the top right corner of each page.

HELP! is also a link on every page, and will go the HELP! index where you can navigate to the topic you choose. It and other background information can always be found from the Intersect Home Page. The link to the home page is at the upper right and also available by clicking on the Intersect logo.

Navigating the Digital Library

Paging through a book. Each document in the Digital Library consists of groups of pages that may be browsed linearly, from start to finish, just as you browse the pages of real books. On each book page, there are arrow buttons that will take you to the previous screen, or the next screen. [Diagram]

Indexes and Title Pages. All books begin with a Title Page, which also serves as a Table of Contents for the book. Some books have a link to a timeline which also servs as an index. [Diagram]

The amount of text on each screen can be changed by selecting a different section length from the toolbar at the bottom of every page. [Diagram]



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