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This page contains generialized definitions and descriptions of the various types of Text Based Resources (TBRs) used in Project INTERSECT books. Some times these specifications are customized for particular books and these changes are described in the individual book specifications.

TBRs are the short definitions, identifications, translations, explanations, etc., that appear in glossaries and resource indices. They provide the first, most basic, and sometimes only assistance to readers.

Character Identifications Translations
Definitions Explanations

Character Identification
Character Identifications are used to acquainate readers with a specific person named in the text. In On the Run this would include individuals such as John Hanson, his mother, Pat, Tony, Randy, etc. This also includes animals such as "Thomas Chatterton Jupiter Zeus" that play such a prominate role in The Diary of Opal Whiteley. "Characters" is also ment to include real persons, such as Abraham Lincoln as mentioned in theAmerican History Sourcebook, even though the term "characters" is usually used in the context of fiction.
Each Character Identification is made up of several parts:
  1. An "is" statement that conveys the salient indentifing characteristic of the individual in question. For Opal Whiteley's friend Thomas Chatterton Jupiter Zeus Part 1 of his TBR might be:
    "Opal has given this name to a wood rat who is one of her favorite pets."
  2. The second part provides information about the role the character plays in the text. For TCJZ this might be
    "Thomas Chatterton Jupiter Zeus is the single most mentioned animal in the diary. Opal frequently carries TCJC with her when she goes exploring, or when she visits her neighbors."
    Part 2 may also contain supplementary information (especially in glossary entries) that is not strickly necessary for readers' to comprehension of events surrounding this character, but that may be interesting or useful in the broader context. Opal's name for TCJZ is of course constructed from three other proper names and information about these individuals:
    "Thomas Chatterton was a British poet of the 18th century, known for being the youngest person in England to write and publish mature poems. Although Chatterton died when he was only 18 years old, his worked was praised by such poets as Wordsworth, Shelley and Keats. His work influenced the Romantic movement in both Britain and France that came after his death. Today he is most famous for a deception he created by writing poems in the 15th century style and attributing them to a fictitious monk named Thomas Rowley. Jupiter and Zeus are two names for the same god of classical mythology. The god was called Jupiter by the Romans and Zeus by the Greeks."
  3. Part 3 gives references and or links to important appearences of the character in the text. These might include the characters' first appearance, their last appearance, and or especially important appearances.

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