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Development Guidelines
Design features of books in the Intersect Digital Library

  • Overview & General Principles

  • A general introduction to "Supported Text" which is the underlying theory guiding the development of the digital books in the Intersect Digital Library.

  • Software and Server Information

  • The operations of the Project website are based on the interactions of three major software packages: the webserver, WebSTAR, the Web application scripting tool, "Lasso," and the database, Filemaker Pro. This section describes how these applications operate to produce the database driven content within this site.

  • Page Objects: Forms, Formats and Functions

  • Descriptions of the different types of web pages, such as "Title Pages" used within each digital book and Text Based Resources.

  • Resource Types

  • Definitions and examples of the various types of resources used to support source text.

  • Database Structures and Scripts

  • Database field and record defintions and outlines of script operations.

  • Navigation Structures

  • Structures and techniques for navigating within these digital books.

  • Construction Procedures

  • A list of steps leading through the construction process in developing a digital book of the form described here.


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