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Your Genes, Your Choices

by Catherine Baker

Exploring the Issues Raised by
Genetic Research

Copyright 1999 by the American Association
for the Advancement of Science. All rights reserved.

This digital book is presented with permission from the American Association for the Advancement of Science. It contains Chapter 8 from their book of the same title. The full text of Your Genes, Your Choices can be found at:

Human Cloning


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1. Mrs. Fister's Tragedy

2. Dolly Makes Headlines
3. Questions are Raised

How Cloning Works
4. How Reproduction Begins
5. Cell Specialization
6. Resting State
7. Getting a New Nucleus

Objectives of Cloning
8. Why Clone?
9. Interest in Nuclear Transfer
10. Transgenic Animals

The Possibility of Human Cloning
11. Can We Clone Human Life?
12. Reasons for Wanting to Clone Humans
13. The Same but not the Same
14. Parent or Twin?
15. 13. Junior I vs. Junior II
16. If Junior II Were a Clone

Barriers to Human Cloning
17. Should Human Cloning Be Banned?
18. Cloning Could Cause Legal Problems
19. Cloning Research Can Help Our Society
20. We Have the Right to Look for New Answers
21. There are no Easy Answers

Your Genes, Your Choice
22. Your Opinion Counts


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