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Anza Portrait (Orsi, 1774)
Juan Bautista de Anza, drawn from portrait in oil by Fray Orsi in 1774.








Timeline of Events, 1775-76

9/29/1775 Anza and most members of expedition departed from Horcasitas.
10/23/1775 The expedition departed from Tubac. Only death of the expedition occurred -- woman died in child birth.
10/31/1775 Anza, Font and others examined the house that was called La Casa Grande de Moctezuma.
11/3/1775 The expedition remained at a pond of bad water until 11/7/1775 because it made some of the members ill and unable to travel.
11/5/1775 Indians attacked and burned the San Diego mission, killing father Fray Luis Jayme
11/28/1775 The expedition arrived at the Colorado River. Anza and others met chief Palma of the Yuma Indians.
11/30/1775 The expedition forded the Colorado River.
12/4/1775 Fathers Francisco Garces and Tomas Eixarch remained with the Yumas.
12/8/1775 Anza decided to split the expedition into three parties (each departing on separate days) in order to make the difficult march easier.
12/17/1775 All three parties reconvened at San Sebastion.
1/4/1776 The expedition arrived at San Gabriel mission. Anza met with Commander Rivera concerning the San Diego uprising.
1/7/1776 Anza, Font and 20 soldiers, along with Rivera and his soldiers, left San Gabriel for San Diego.
1/11/1776 Anza, Font, Rivera and others arrived at San Diego presidio.
2/9/1776 Anza, Font and others departed from San Diego.
2/11/1776 A soldier, a servant and three muleteers deserted from San Gabriel, stealing many animals and other items.
2/12/1776 Lieutenant Moraga and nine soldiers departed San Gabriel in pursuit of the deserters. Anza, Font and others arrived at San Gabriel.
2/16/1776 Lieutenant Moraga captured the deserters.
2/21/1776 The expedition departed from San Gabriel.
3/7/1776 Lieutenant Moraga rejoined the expedition at the mission of San Antonio.
3/10/1776 The expedition arrived at the presidio of Monterey.
3/11/1776 Father Junipero Serra welcomed the expedition to Monterey.
3/13/1776 Anza was extremely ill until 3/21/1776.
3/23/1776 Anza, Font and others explored San Francisco Bay area until 4/8/1776.
4/14/1776 Anza, Font and others left Monterey to return to Mexico.
5/11/1776 Anza, Font and others arrived at the Colorado River.
5/12/1776 Chief Palma, wanting to pay his respects to the viceroy, convinced Anza to let him travel to Mexico with him and the others.
5/13/1776 Anza, Font and others took three days to cross the Colorado River on rafts (due to the amount and turbulence of the water).
5/15/1776 Father Tomas Eixarch rejoined the expedition as it departed from the Colorado River.
5/25/1776 Father Tomas Eixarch departed for the mission of Tumacacori.
6/1/1776 Anza, Font and others arrived at Horcasitas.

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