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Regional Maps in shaded relief
County Maps




California Desert Mountain Pass


Santa Barbara



San Francisco

Santa Cruz County
Pima County
Pinal County
Maricopa County
Yuma County

Imperial County
San Diego County
Riverside County
Los Angeles County
Ventura County
Santa Barbara County
San Luis Obispo County
Monterey County
San Benito County
Santa Clara County
San Mateo County
San Francisco County
Almeda County
Contra Costa County
Historical Maps
Anza Trail Route (based on Bolton)
Anza's California Expeditions,
map by Pedro Font

Entire Route
(17.28 Kb)
(23.03 Kb)
(27.91 Kb)
San Gabriel - San Diego
(25.90 Kb)
Santa Barbara - San Luis Obispo
(22.87 Kb)
San Luis Obispo - Monterey
(22.50 Kb)
Monterey - San Francisco
(22.11 Kb)

Anza Colonizing Expedition, 1775-76

Californian Missions and Presidios,

1776 Anza Comanche Campaign, 1779

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