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Sharing Teacher Lessons

Sharing teacher lesson plans using Web de Anza.

1. Mary Wasik, Cindy Kane, Denise Ray, and Mary Wasik, Blach Intermediate School, Los Altos, California.

2. Mary Wasik and 8th Grade Teachers, Blach Intermediate School, Los Altos, California.

3. Kate Mikula, Kimball Elementary School, Antioch, California.

4. Norma Felix, AlFAEs, Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico.

5. Ruben Flores, AlFaEs, Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico.

6. Louise Bunker and Jennifer Riney, Desert Canyon Middle School, Scottsdale, Arizona.

7. Shawn Capes, Cibola High School, Ninth Grade, Yuma, Arizona.

8. Howard Yank, Rebecca Bair, Joshua Hamill, International High School, Eugene, Oregon.

9. Naomi E. Estrada Webber and Mr. Berrellz, Catalina High School, Tucson, Arizona

10. Phil Kessinger, Center for Advanced Technology In Education, College of Education, University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon.


2. Review teacher produced websites and student produced multimedia projects.


Kate Mikula, Webmaster, Kimball Elementary School, Antioch, California. Juan Bautista de Anza, Explorer produced for 4th-5th grade level.

Mary Wasik, Webmaster, Blach Intermediate School, Los Altos, California. Anza Expedition Into California produced for 8th grade level based on student classroom activities.

Explore Shawn Capes, Cibola High School ninth grade students Anza Hyperstudio projects. Students used a combination of text, images, color, and animation to showcase their historical understanding of the Anza expeditions. A must see page of student work at Anza On-Line Learning Community Teachers' Center.


3. A place for teacher comment about building lessons, how they work, concerns with assessment.

4. Questions teachers have about how a lesson might work.

5. Items to be identified by teachers.

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Phil Kessinger
Content Coordinator
May 1, 2001
Note: Web de Anza resources contain an extensive collection of primary and secondary historical sources on the Spanish Colonial era of Juan Bautistia de Anza in North America, 1750-1800. We encourage you to visit the main Web de Anza site at http://anza.uoregon.edu and explore.