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National Endowment For The Humanities
Robert Sayers, Program Officer


Center for Advanced Technology in Education (CATE), College of Education, University of Oregon
Lynne Anderson-Inman, Project Coordinator
Mark Horney, Research Coordinator
Phil Kessinger, Content Coordinator
Judith Blair, Web Developer


The National Park Service, Pacific Western Region
Meredith Kaplan, Superintendent of the Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail

California Historical Society
Michael Duty, Director

Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History
John Johnson, Curator of Anthropology

Oakland Museum of California
Sarah Urquhart, History Program Coordinator

Riverside Museum of Natural History
Chris Moser

Mission San Gabriel Archangel
Helen Nelson, Museum Curator

Presidio of San Francisco
Nancy Caplan, Education Coordinator, Leo Barker, Archaeologist

Costonoan Indian Research Center
Ann-Marie Sayers, Director and Tribal Chairperson

Holman and Associates: Archaeological Consultants
Miley Holman, President and Chief Archaeologist

Gibson Archaeological Consultants
Robert Gibson, Principal Archaeologist

Arizona and New Mexico

Arizona Historical Society
Jerry Kyle

Arizona Historical Society-Rio Colorado Division
Megan Reid, Director

Documentary Relations of the Southwest
Dr. Thomas Sheridan
University of Arizona

Presidio of Tubac
Cindy Krug, Director

Tumacacori National Historical Park
Don Garate, Chief of Interpretation

Anza Trail Coalition
Reba Grandrud, Trail Coordinator

Palace of Governors of New Mexico
Diana De Santis

Participating Consulting Scholars

Dr. Iris Engstrand
Professor of History, University of San Diego

Dr. Jack Williams
Director, Center for Spanish Colonial History

Dr. Oakah Jones
Professor Emeritus of History, Purdue University

Don Garate
Chief of Interpretation
Tumacacori National Historical Park

Dr. Michael Weber
Director, Sonoran Archives Microfilm Project
University of Arizona

Dr. Lowell Bean
Professor Emeritus of Anthropology
Santa Clara University

Dr. Edward Castillo
Director of Native American Studies
Sonoma State University

Dr. Reba Grandrud
Museum Director
Arizona Historical Society

Dr. James Rawls
Professor of History
Diablo Valley College

Dr. Dolan Eargle Jr.
Author and Publisher
Trees Company
San Francisco, California

Malcolm Margolin
Author and Publisher
Heydey Books
Berkeley, California

Dr. Rina Cuellar Zazueta
Professor and genealogist
Culiacan, Mexico

Rudecinda Lo Buglio
Genealogist and Publications Director
Los Californianos

Dr. Sheri Cole
Professor of History
Arizona Western College

Dr. William J. Valmont
Professor of Language
Reading Culture
University of Arizona

Dr. Richard Venedam
Assistant Professor of Education Technology
Arizona Northern University-Yuma

Participating Teachers and Schools

United States

Desert View High School
Pam Hopkins, Chip Parsons, Mary Duffy, Tucson, Arizona

Catalina High Magnet School
Naomi Estrada-Weber, Raul B.
Tucson, Arizona

Rincon High School
Olivia Gallego
Tucson, Arizona

Calabasas Middle School
Michael Cox
Rio Rico, Arizona

Cibola High School
Shawn Capes
Yuma, Arizona

Vista del Sur Middle School
Jim Bremser
Laveen, Arizona

Desert Canyon Middle School
Jennifer Riney, Louise Bunker
Scottsdale, Arizona

Blach Intermediate School
Mary Wasik, Mary Martinez, Trish Langdon
Los Altos, California

International High School
Howard Yank, Rebecca Bair, Joshua Hamil
Eugene, Oregon

Kimball School, Kate Mikula
Antioch, California


Kino University
Julio Mantene Marti

Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico
Cecelia Sanchez-Bours
Norma Alicia Felix-Gracia, Pastora Patricia Mendoza-Quintero

Teachers interested in becoming part of the Anza Online Learning Community are encouraged to contact the Center For Advanced Technology In Education, University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon.
Web de Anza On-Line Learning Community
Center for Advanced Technology In Education Eugene, Oregon


*Note: Web de Anza resources contain an extensive collection of primary and secondary historical sources on the Spanish Colonial era of Juan Bautistia de Anza in North America, 1750-1800. We encourage you to visit the main Web de Anza site at http://anza.uoregon.edu and explore.

This page was updated on May 29, 2002