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Web de Anza


School Name

Kimball Elementary School, Antioch California

Teacher Name

Kate Mikula



Unit Name

Integration of Computer Tools into the Social Studies Curriculum

Lesson Name

Comparison of Juan Bautista de Anza and George Washington

Focus of the Lesson

Lives of Two 18th Century Leaders.


Learn that Anza and Washington lived at the same time but on opposite sides of the American Continent. Identify differences and similarities in their lives. Present the data in an illustrated time line

Projected Time Needed

5 hour long classes

Materials and Technology Needed

Computer for each student or small team. Internet access for each computer. TimeLiner Software from Tom Snyder. Color printer for continuous feed paper. Regular color printer. Map of the United States, dictionaries.

Use of Web de Anza

Used to locate facts of Anza'a life.

Use of Scholars-Consultants

Don Garate, Tumacacor National Park, Arizona assisted in clearing up vague references in the diaries.

Teacher Activities

Week 1 Teach the software "TimeLiner".

Week 2 Assist students as they access Web de Anza and read the biography of Anza in the Resource section. Guide students to selected entries in the diary. Provide students a link to a Washington biography. Collect student notes and prepare a handout of most important events for next lesson. If students vary a lot in ability, prepare two versions of the handout, making one easier to read and shorter than the other.

Week 3. Lead a discussion of events selected. Assist with data entry into TimeLiner and formatting of data.

Week 4. Assist with importation of graphics, font change, formatting of time lines and printing. Prepare a FunBrain.com quiz on subject matter and upload to the Internet.

Week 5. Guide discussion of final project and direct students to FunBrain Quiz.

Student Activities

Week 1. Practice with TimeLiner

Week 2. Use the Internet to locate the facts in the lives of Anza and Washington.

Week 3. Read handouts. Discuss why some events are important and others are not. Enter data into TimeLiner

Week 4. Polish presentations and print.

Week 5. Form small groups which include students who worked on the different versions and let students discuss the events in the timelines. Back at their own computers, take the Anza/Washington quiz on Funbrain.com.

Evaluation of Student Learning

Did Students learn to use the TimeLiner Software?

Did students learn to navigate the web?

Were students able to select important facts from the web?

Did the similarities of the lives of Anza and Washington become apparent to students?

Were Students able to pass the Anza/Washington quiz?

Evaluation of Lesson

Was the material in the range of student abilities?

Were students able to navigate the Anza web site?

Were students able to make the time line and import a graphic?.

Were students interested in the activity?

Content Standards (NCSS)

2. Time, Continuity, and Change
Early Grades

b. demonstrate an ability to use correctly vocabulary associated with time such as past, present, future, and long ago; read and construct simple time lines; identify examples of change; and recognize examples of cause and effect relationships;

Teacher Notes

The following local* computer benchmarks were met by this activity.(*Antioch, California)

4.1.1 & 4.1.3 Use Peripherals. Interact with print dialog box.

4.1.8 Insert or import a graphic from an outside source.

4.1.9 Use text justification

4.4.2 State that violation of copyright law is a crime.

5.1.2 Navigate to appropriate location to save and retrieve.

5.1.5 Use web browser.

5.3.1 Produce a project using layout and design elements.

Adaptations and Assists.

Make two sets of data: I made a long handout about the careers and a short handout about the personal lives of the two men. This met the needs of a wide range of students.

Place a non copyright graphic of the subjects in a location which the students may access. Discuss why they may not use the Anza painting on the web site.

Links change so quickly that none are posted here.

Evaluation of Lesson

This lesson was too difficult for our 4th graders. The diaries are very difficult to read. Even those students who could read the text, did not understand it very well. For that reason, I directed students to the Resources section and the summaries of the diaries.

For advanced students, I prepared material for another Social Studies benchmark: Understanding why two people describe the same event in different ways. A very good example is the reports of Anza and Font on the events of 12/17/1775.

Although this project was carried out in a lab with 20 interneted computers, it would be effective as a group project in a classroom.

Web de Anza On-Line Learning Community
Center for Advanced Technology In Education
Eugene, Oregon
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Phil Kessinger
Content Coordinator
April 5, 2000

Note: Web de Anza resources contain an extensive collection of primary and secondary historical sources on the Spanish Colonial era of Juan Bautistia de Anza in North America, 1750-1800. We encourage you to visit the main Web de Anza site at http://anza.uoregon.edu and explore.