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Promoting Historical Inquiry: GATHER Model


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A key to promoting strong historical inquiry with students is for them to have practice with diverse resources and a range of historical problems to solve. Peter Stearns, a leading American historian, wrote about teaching history to young people, saying:

"The key to developing historical habits of mind...is having repeated experience in historical inquiry. Such experience should involve a variety of materials and a diversity of analytical problems...What matters is learning how to access different magnitudes of historical change, different examples of conflicting interpretations, and multiple kinds of evidence." (For complete essay see: Peter N. Stearns, (January 2000) Why Study History?, American Historical Association)

Using the resources of the Web de Anza project, teachers and students will find a range of resources to study the historical era of Anza. In an effort to help in approaching these extensive on-line Anza historical resources the following model, GATHER, is offered as steps of historical inquiry for teachers and students from many curriculum areas.

We are looking forward to hearing from you on how the suggested six step model helps you work with students in promoting historical inquiry. For model steps select:


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April 5, 2000

Note: Web de Anza resources contain an extensive collection of primary and secondary historical sources on the Spanish Colonial era of Juan Bautistia de Anza in North America, 1750-1800. We encourage you to visit the main Web de Anza site at http://anza.uoregon.edu and explore.