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San Francisco

Present-day San Francisco 224 years after Anza.
San Francisco

View of present-day San Francisco and bay, the major destination of the Anza colonizing expedition. The Golden Gate bridge is at the narrowest point of the opening into San Francisco bay. It is here, to the right side of this image where the bridge meets the coastal cliffs, that Anza on March 28, 1776 had a cross erected and blessed by Font. It was placed high enough to be seen from a great distance and beneath it Anza left a paper telling of his arrival and his own explorations of the port. Font looking out at the bay landscape wrote "...although in my travels I saw very good sites and beautiful country, I saw none which pleased me so much as this. And I think it could be well settled like Europe there would not be anything more beautiful in all the world, for it has the best advantages for found in it a most beautiful city , with all the conviences desired, by land as well as by sea, with that harbor so remarkable and spacious, in which may be established shipyards, docks, and anything that might be wished.

Image Source: US National Park Service

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