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San Gabriel Mission

San Gabriel Mission in present-day Los Angeles, California.
San Gabriel Mission

San Gabriel mission was the first settlement at the end of the long desert march from the interior of Mexico. Since Anza's first visit the frontier mission had been moved to a site a league to the north, where it was to remain. As the Anza colonizing expedition approached San Gabriel Mission they learned of an uprising against the San Diego mission by local indigenous groups. The expedition had to wait while Anza and support made a seventy mile side trip to help put down the San Diego uprising. The indigenous people around the Los Angeles basin and off shore islands were part of the widespread Shoshonean Indian people. These local indigenous people became known as the Gabrielinos, and have been described by anthropologists as the wealthiest and most thoughtful of the Shoshoneans of all California.

Image Source: US National Park Service

Image Credit: Courtesy of US National Park Service. Meredith Kaplan, Superintendent of Anza National Historic Trail.

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